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Top Freelancing Skills To Learn In 2024


Top Freelancing Skills To Learn In 2023

If you are looking to earn good money from freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, freelancer, etc then you have to learn top freelancing skills. If you want to convert yourself into the best carrier then first you have to learn the best freelancing skills. If you have simple skills like pdf to word converter etc then you will not survive longer due to the coming of artificial intelligence like Chat GPT. 

In this blog, I will show you the top freelancing skills in 2024 which will help you to make an awesome career in the future and these will be demanding skills in the future. You can make thousands of dollars by selling these skills on freelancing marketplaces. 

In my previous article I showed the best freelancing platforms in 2024 for beginners and now below is the list of freelancing skills to learn. 

Best Top Freelancing Skills To Learn in 2024:

Following is the list of top freelancing skills to learn and make money in 2024. So let’s start.

Support & Cybersecurity:

Support and cybersecurity is the best freelancing skill for beginners to learn in 2024 and it is the most demanding skill to learn because it is the requirement of top multimillion-dollar companies to save their data from hackers. You will earn an awesome salary or money per project by solving their issues and one of the best things about this skill is that some companies hire you permanently when they see your skill experience.

It is not easy to learn cybersecurity but not impossible. You can learn from YouTube or you can also learn from online platforms 

On Fiverr, there is only 88 gigs are active so it means there is no competition on Fiverr and you can rank your Fiverr gig and earn money.

Top Freelancing Skills To Learn In 2023

List of skills you can learn in this field

  • Support and IT
  • Convert files
  • Cybersecurity and data protection
  • DevOps & Cloud

Javascript, CSS, and HTML (Computer languages):

It is similar to the above skill but has some differences so this is also the best freelancing skill to learn for beginners in 2024. These are the computer programming language. You can learn web development and sell on Fiverr or Upwork. By learning these skills you can create websites or apps which are the basic needs of businesses. Clients will pay you a good budget per project sometimes they will hire you permanently to look after their websites or apps.


We know every business is converting online so this is the best skill to learn for beginners in 2024. There is huge competition in the freelancing marketplace but you can rank your gig by my secret tip.

Examples of services you can offer after learning 

  • Website development
  • Website maintenance
  • Website customization
  • Mobile apps
  • Web programming
  • Ai applications


Video production:

As I told you the world is converting to an advanced level and we see a huge change in the world. Now we see companies’ Ads, sports, and news in digital media so video production plays an important role in social media. This means video production is also the best freelancing skill to learn for beginners in 2024. We see that everyone need video editing for YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok platform and these platforms are growing fast.


Every business or content creator needs these services and you can charge a nice price from them so this is a good time to become a master and professional In video production. 

Following are the related skills you can learn and make money

  • Logo animations
  • Character animations
  • Commercials Ads
  • Music
  • Intro outro
  • 3D videos
  • NFT
  • Social media videos

Content writing:

If you think to become a freelancer you should have 100% skills in writing or you should be an author to become a freelancer so my answer is no. if you are a good content maker then you can become a freelancer and earn money online from a freelancer. This is also the top freelancing skill to learn in 2024.

Companies need content for their blog or magazines so they need a good content writer. Also good can’t work without content, lot of social media creators need content to publish so this is the skill for beginners to learn in 2024. This is a saturated skill but it is up to you how much you can make yourself professional.

You can do the following after learning writing

  • Scriptwriter
  • Blog writer
  • Article writer for newspapers

Top Freelancing Skills To Learn In 2023


Search engine optimization SEO is the most demanding skill and freelancers can make a bright future in this field. This is the branch of marketing and this is a very high-budget skill you can make $100 plus per project. Big companies invest their money in SEO to make their products visible to everyone and with SEO no one can grow in the online field. You can take the example that if you do not make optimized Gigs for freelancing you will not get orders.



Top Freelancing Skills To Learn In 2023

Top Freelancing Skills To Learn In 2023

Voice-over artist:

One of the best skills for freelancers to learn is the best time to learn this skill if you want to become a freelancer in 2024. We know a lot of AI websites are making AI voices but some platforms like YouTube and Facebook don’t recommend AI voices. So you can work for social media creators. You can also start your faceless channel and you can also create voiceovers for cartoon channels and earn money from freelancing.   

Recommended Questions 

What is the basic skill for freelancing

Some of the basic skills are

  • Use of PC
  • Good communication 

Is Fiverr good for beginners?

Yes, it is good but you will need patience and good optimized Gigs. 

Can we start freelancing if we don’t know English?

Yes, you can start freelancing if you don’t know English. You can also use the translator.

How much I can earn as a freelancer?

It is up to you and depends on the skill you are offering. If you are selling good skills like ethical hacking you can earn $10000 annually if you are selling writing skills then you can earn up to 100$ per script.

You can also get the following book to learn Upwork and become a good freelancer.

Thanks for reading, share it with your friends and if you have questions then comment with us. 

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