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Fiverr Affiliate Marketing


Fiverr Affiliate Marketing - Join And Earn Commission Now 2023

Do you want to generate
passive income via
affiliate marketing? Fiverr affiliate marketing is the best way to generate passive income. How do I become a Fiverr
affiliate marketer? How much do Fiverr affiliates make? There are a lot of questions
in mind about
Fiverr affiliate marketing or the Fiverr affiliate program.


Fiverr Affiliate Marketing - Join And Earn Commission Now 2023

In this article, I will
share detail on
Fiverr affiliate program reviews and Fiverr affiliate program
. In the Fiverr affiliate program, you have to share links with other people who want to buy services
like graphics designing, video editing, etc. If someone joins Fiverr with your
affiliate link then you can earn up to 
10 percent of their first purchase of $100. The Fiverr affiliate marketing program offers us to share their links
with posts, banners, and landing pages.


After reading this blog
you will understand the complete procedure of the F
iverr affiliate program and its commission plans with a lot of
techniques that you have to apply to make money from the Fiverr affiliate program.


How do I become a Fiverr affiliate marketer and how does it work?

Fiverr is the number
one marketplace for freelancers where freelancers and buyers can get good and
cheap services which starts form %5. Fiverr is a platform that allows anyone who
can earn money by sharing gig links with others.
Fiverr gives up to $10 – $150 for sharing links with others. You
will get a commission by sharing links with others and you will earn a good commission
which depends on service categories.


Fiverr Affiliate Marketing - Join And Earn Commission Now 2023

How to join the Fiverr
affiliate program as a beginner?

Joining Fiverr as an affiliate
program is pretty easy.  First, go to
fiverr.com and scroll down to the footer section, you will see the Affiliate tab in
the 4th line. Click on it and you will redirect to the Fiverr affiliate
program page.

Fiverr Affiliate Marketing - Join And Earn Commission Now 2023

On the top of the page, there Is written Join now. Click on it and you will see registration pop up. You
have to fill details for signup. You must have to fill in the red start places to go
next. After filling in the details Fiverr will ask some questions which are given


  • How you will promote
  • What is your area
    of interest?


After accepting the terms and conditions and privacy policy you will be welcome to the Fiverr affiliate


What are the Advantages
of Fiverr affiliate marketing?

There is a bundle of
pros to joining a Fiverr affiliate that is you will earn up to 10% by joining
Fiverr with your link and the second is that Fiverr offers many other commissions base
services according to gigs categories. You can earn commissions by promoting
Fiverr to companies or people.

You can also
affiliate your profile and can get huge traffic on your Fiverr profile. You can
earn double your earnings from Fiverr. One by sharing your gig as an affiliate and the second as a freelancer.


Fiverr Affiliate Marketing - Join And Earn Commission Now 2023

What are Fiverr
affiliate marketing tools?

Fiverr has a bundle of
tools that you can use to get traffic and earn a commission, some of them
are videos, banners, logos, gifs, etc. You
can convert them into 7 languages. You can also embed a Fiverr gig which will
update automatically with time.


Fiverr Affiliate Marketing - Join And Earn Commission Now 2023

How much does a Fiverr
affiliate earn?

According to the personal
survey, Fiverr affiliates can earn
$500 per month. You can earn more than this amount which will depend on your
smart work. Different categories have different commission planes.


How do withdraw money
from a Fiverr affiliate?

To withdraw the
amount from the Fiverr affiliate program you have to contact the Fiverr manager, who
will answer you according to the withdrawal method.


When you will earn up to $100 you will be eligible to withdraw Fiverr money. You have to provide
payment details in the account information tab. There are 3 currencies which are


Fiverr Affiliate Marketing - Join And Earn Commission Now 2023

You can withdraw on the 1st and 15th of the month. You can track your work from
the following methods

  • Pending
  • Approved
  • Paid
  • Declined


Payments methods:

There are three
payment methods

  • Payoneer: Ynder $1000
  • Paypal: Under $1000
  • Wire transfer: More
    than $1000 monthly

What is the commission structure
for Fiverr affiliate marketing?

Fiverr is the
highest commission-paying platform and it has different commission structures
for each category. A list of Fiverr’s commission structure is given below.


  • Fiverr CPA: CPA stands for
    cost per action this means the commission which will be up to $10 to $150 which you
    will earn on the purchase of the buyer.


  • Fiverr Hybrid: This means you
    will earn 10% of each sale and a fixed $10 Cost per action and 12 months of renewed


  • Fiverr Business: you will get $100
    on cost-per-action CPA and a 12-month revenue share.


  • Fiverr Affiliate: 10 percent of
    every affiliate link share with lift time


  • Fiverr Learn: you will earn 30
    percent of the commission on every sale of the Fiverr course


  • Fiverr workspace: you will get 50
    percent of every unlimited plan sold.


Fiverr Affiliate Marketing - Join And Earn Commission Now 2023

Fiverr support:

Fiverr provided a bunch of FAQs and if you can’t find your question you can contact the Fiverr team and
get a response within 24 hours.


How Fiverr affiliate
link cookies work:

Cookie duration is
the most important thing for affiliate marketing. In this case, the Fiverr cookie
duration is 30 days. You will be eligible for a commission if you send a link and if
someone joins Fiverr within 30 days.



How to create Fiverr
affiliate links:

Login to Fiverr and go
to the dashboard. Click on the default and deep link and then click on the LP URL. Then
copy the link of the gig or page you want to promote and earn a commission, put
that link in the LP URL box and press enter. The affiliate link will generate
below in 6 Fiverr affiliate links. You can copy related to your link category. If
you are promoting a Fiverr gig then copy Fiverr CPA and if you are promoting a Fiverr course then copy Fiverr learn etc.


Fiverr Affiliate Marketing - Join And Earn Commission Now 2023

Should I start the Fiverr affiliate program in 2023 as a beginner?

There are thousands
of affiliate programs but honestly, Fiverr affiliate marketing is the best
affiliate program according to my experience.

You can earn good commission
and it is easy to use.



The Fiverr affiliate program
is the best opportunity to generate big commissions for a lifetime by doing smart
work. You can earn nice money as well as you can promote your profile and make double your earnings.


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questions please comment to us

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