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Can I Recover My Disable Fiverr Account in 2024

Can I Recover or Revive My Disable Fiverr Account in 2024?

Can I Recover or Revive My Disable Fiverr Account in 2023?


Fiverr is an online freelancing marketplace that stands In the top 5 marketplaces in the world. Millions of freelancers are working on Fiverr and earning millions of dollars. But due to less knowledge of marketplaces most of the sellers and buyers lost their Fiverr accounts within seconds. To avoid disabling of Fiverr account you have to learn Fiverr Terms and Conditions TOS. Can I Recover My Disable Fiverr Account in 2024?


In this blog, I will let you know how to recover a disabled Fiverr account and how to recover a temporarily disabled Fiverr account. If you have made any mistake then what are the steps you have to take to recover your Fiverr account quickly?

 The reason why the Fiverr account has to be disabled: 


How To Recover Disabled Fiverr Account:

If you have made any mistake that is against the Fiverr terms and conditions then it is possible to give a first warning or they can also restrict or disable your Fiverr account. If your Fiverr account is disabled due to Fiverr TOS then your Fiverr will not recover at any cost. Fiverr will not listen to your excuses, they are restricted by these rules. So you have to learn Fiverr TOS to avoid an account disabling.

According to my experience if your account has been disabled then you can only recover it if there is no mistake. If you have done nothing wrong then you have not to worry. Following are the steps to follow to recover you’re disabled Fiverr account.

  1. Firstly you have to understand the Fiverr email that you have received from Fiverr.
  2. Understand your issue
  3. Create a strong case with screen shorts and complete details
  4. Email Fiverr at their support email address
  5. Copy the ticket number and comment on the latest post on the Fiverr Facebook page
  6. Also, post tick on Twitter and tag fiverr

Things not to do

If your Fiverr account is restricted then don’t send emotional emails again and again. If there is no violation against Fiverr TOS they will recover it but if you don’t do anything against Fiverr TOS then there are only zero percentage changes to recover Fiverr disabled the account.



How can I help you

If you want any help then comment to us first and also contact us on social media @iamahsan116, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & TikTok. We will try our best to respond to you as soon as possible. Please provide as much information so we can help you and try to recover your account.

How to avoid disabling of Fiverr Account?

You have to read Fiverr Community guidelines to keep your Fiverr account safe.

Related questions:

Why does Fiverr restrict my account?

Fiverr restricts your Fiverr account only due to violation of policies that are against Fiverr guidelines and TOS. If you don’t do any violation then you can recover it.

How to reactivate a Fiverr account?

If you forget your Fiverr account information then go to the account management page and click on forget our login information. In this way, you can get your information and can reactivate your Fiverr account.

Can I recover my permanently disabled Fiverr account?

No, you can not recover your Fiverr permanently account because Fiverr has permanently disabled it due to a violation of Fiverr TOS and guidelines.

Can I temporarily disable my Fiverr account?

Yes, the temporarily disabled accounts can be recovered but only possible if you don’t violate Fiverr community guildless and Terms and conditions policies.

How to unlock a Fiverr account?

You have to contact the Fiverr support team to unlock your Fiverr account. The Fiverr support email is support@fiverr. Com

What to do if your account is permanently disabled or banned?

You have to reopen your account but keep the following things in mind

Use different email

Use different mobile number

Better to do your computer window again if possible or you can remove your cash and cookies od the browser.

How many warnings can Fiverr give?

Fiverr has 3 warnings and after 3rd your account can permanently be disabled or suspended.

What if someone reports your Fiverr account?

Don’t worry, if someone reports your Fiverr account without any strong reason your account will not be suspended or banned.

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