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Future of Freelancing

Future of Freelancing


Future of Freelancing


Freelancing Today

Ever since Covid-19
Pandemic in 2020, things took a turn for the worse for employees who were
working in factories, banks, or ones who worked in offices except for Freelancers!
The reason was simple, Freelancers were working remotely from anywhere around
the world getting the job done with their skills – In other words, we can say
that Freelance jobs were booming at a time when normal day-to-day jobs came to
a sudden halt.


It’s 2023 today and ever
since people saw how Freelancers can get their job done without the need of
sitting in designated offices and not being required to work full-time – It became
cost-effective. Moreover, I would say that not only freelancers have gained the trust of their employers, they have become dependent on them. 


Freelancing Tomorrow

As far as my job is
concerned, I wake up and grab a cup of coffee. I have my table set up and I see
the time striking 9a.m. I go ahead and turn my laptop on and ready to work, I
manage a few teams which comprise different members with different skills
such as web development, design, and Virtual Assistants. Now here is the fun
part, I used to work from an office back in 2019 but ever since Covid-19 we are
all working remotely. I usually see the presence of all my team members (unless
of course, they are on leave or absent) so all the Freelancers who are working
on a Digital Contract are doing a super job! 


My friend on the other
hand, who works in a company as a Chief Operating Officer (will not disclose
his company) says he is very confident with all his team members, the ones
working from the office and the ones working from home because he feels that
apart from a few bad apples, usually people enjoy working from home with full


All this I see that the future
of Freelance work whether it is from a website such as Upwork or Fiverr, or
even if you hired a freelancer from sites like LinkedIn – the future looks
promising. People with different skills and ideas who do not need to be present
in a certain place and time, and their online presence is enough plus they are
getting the job done, then hey…. What better than that? This way not only are
the business owners saving costs but they end up getting a highly skilled
professional who is at their disposal. 

What are the successful
skills for Freelancers in the Future?

Well, with all honesty at
the moment and for the next 5 to 10 years I don’t see AI or Artificial
Intelligence taking over the jobs of Graphic Designers, Content Creators,
Web Designer and developers, etc. because simply, the Human Creative element and ideas of thinking out of the box is what Human Beings will have an advantage
over. I would go far as to say, that AI will aid designers, content creators, and such to a point where work will become easier and done quicker than what
was done a few years ago. 


So if you want to work as a
Freelancers well there are skills according to their level of difficulty

Content Creator/Article Writer/ Content Writer 

Data Entry

Virtual Assistant

Graphic Designers


Video Editors

Web Developers.

So if you choose one of
these, there is a great success but of course, you will need to learn the skills
as well!

In Conclusion:

The future of Freelance looks
bright compared to the jobs in the world, though it is getting saturated so
more challenges ahead. I would go far as to say, that Freelancers have a higher
chance of being hired online than on a job near their house. Besides it is long
before Freelancers will be replaced with something like AI because AI is far
from perfect but who knows?!

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