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Words to Describe Technology

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life. Various kitchen appliances, computer systems, means of communication, transport systems, and online shopping. Whenever we use our scientific knowledge to achieve some specific purpose, we’re using technology. Technology leads to a good life as it is responsible for advancement in all sectors of the economy. Technology refers to methods, systems, and devices that are the result of scientific knowledge being used for practical purposes.

Fast-changing technology can be described with many words, especially when technology is in everything that we use but to describe technology with better adjectives we can utilize such words that do not become difficult to understand or overly technical. Rather we need adjectives that will resonate with the crowd whether they are technical or non-technical.

Here are the words you can Describe technology with:

ADVANCED: Of course as time progresses technology becomes more and more advanced!

AUTOMATED: With minimum human intervention, Technology is becoming automated!

EFFICIENT: The main motive of Technology is to streamline the processes and make it more efficient

RELIABLE: Ever gone online and searched for a new phone, I mean you would pay more for a smartphone for something like a Samsung or an Apple due to its reliability

CONVENIENT: We buy different technologies for our convenience such as Microwave ovens, Refrigerators, Air-Conditioners, etc.

USER-FRIENDLY: Easy to use and navigate, this is what technology is meant to be.

CUTTING EDGE: Another way to describe that it is the latest or most advanced technology

ENTHRALLING: New and advanced technology is always enthralling or fascinating!

HIGH-TECH: Another way of describing advanced technology.

IMMERSIVE: Since most of our technology is becoming a virtual reality as well, it has also become immersive

LIMITLESS: As technology comes there’s room for improvement, slowly and steadily achieving perfection. Though never perfect, it is limitless

MODERN: New technology will always be Modern or according to modern standards (Present-day Tech)

Secure: Secure technology is designed for the protection of  data and information from illegal use or theft

POWERFUL: Technology can be defined as powerful since it becomes more efficient and does more with less amount of power.

REVOLUTIONARY: This word is my favorite when it comes to defining something new and improved. Hence Technology and revolution go together like Sky and Blue.

SMART: Seeing what cell phones were when we had the soap phones Nokia and today holding these iPhones well it has become smart!

UBIQUITOUS: Technology is ever-evolving and is always around us. Hence this word defines the Technology around us presently.


Seeing these many words used in my Article, imagine we have over 200 words found on different websites and every word in them defines technology in one way or the other. The thing is we have never been able to see what Technology is, we just know. We have it and while writing this article I realized we have technology such as

the simple Wheel, the water pumps (first they were pumped by hand, and now we use electric motors), we sit in cars that came from simple horses and Now we have computers and smartphones. All I am saying is when we know what technology is and how it came to be, then find the right adjectives and words to define what technology becomes ever so simple. These 17 words are no doubt the most used and most authentic in my eyes to use for technology.

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