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How To Write A Good Cover Letter For Upwork

The best proposal means a high chance of getting an order on Upwork because only a good cover letter or attractive proposal can win a job on Upwork. A cover letter shows your personality your work experience and your communication skills. So I will let you know the best and simple steps you should follow in your Upwork cover letter to get a high chance of job winning.

How To Write A Good Cover Letter For Upwork

In 2024 world is converting to an advanced level and millions of people start their professional work at home and freelancing is one of them.

Nowadays new sellers must get their first job on Upwork due to tough completion but now you need not worry. I am here to help new sellers get their first order on Upwork by writing a cover letter on Upwork.

Following are the steps to write a cover letter for Upwork:

How to write a cover letter in Upwork?

Your Upwork cover letter should be to the point and easy to understand and must be attractive so that when the client will read it. A client can understand your personality and your work experience and is willing to hire you on Upwork.

You can also add a little bit of detail about your skills to make the Upwork proposal look honest and genuine and it looks like you are an expert in your skills.

Starting of Upwork cover letter ( How to make a cover letter in Upwork )

At the start of the Upwork cover letter, there should be warm and professional greetings to the clients. Firstly you have to read the complete details given by the client and understand our client’s requirements, and after that, you also have to check the client’s name.

For example, the client’s name is Ahsan so you have to start your Upwork cover letter like this.

“Dear Mr. Ahsan” or “Hey Ahsan” or “What’s up, Ahsan” or “Welcome

Mr. Ahsan” bold this text and italicize it.

This will look more professional and handsome cover letter. Add some invitation sentences like “Thank you for your invitation or Welcome etc

Employer project:

Here you have to explain the point requirements of your client, for example, I understand you are looking for a thumbnail designer for your YouTube channel project and I also get that you need a professional graphics designer for this job.

Your introduction to the best Upwork proposal:

Here you have to explain yourself to the point in 2 to 3 lines and about your skill for example I am a professional and expert graphics designer and running an agency since 2005. Here is my website (www.picktechsolution.com) etc.

What you will do for a client:

Here in the Upwork cover letter, you have to add 1 or 2 lines to get this job 100% by giving good service for example I will provide HD-quality thumbnails with UNLIMITED Revisions and will deliver this work ASAP within 1 day with 100% satisfaction.

  • 1 Free idea
  • 1 free alternative idea
  • Etc


Your samples:

Give a maximum of 2 to 3 samples in a link with can easily be accessible to the client. No need to give multiple samples at a time it will confuse your client and make it difficult to understand your proposal. For example, Here is my previous work (Link).

Bid closing:

Add a maximum of 1 or 2 lines at the end of your Upwork bid for example

Looking forward to your response

Thank you

Your name.

Things that will make your Upwork cover letter interesting and good-looking

How to write a cover letter on Upwork

Your website:

As a freelancer, I have noticed that a freelancer should have a website by which he /she can show his experiences and look professional in his work. A website can make your proposal strong and increase your job-winning chances.

You should have 24/7 support on your website to get a good customer experience. You can advertise your website on social media and give your Upwork profile links there so you will also get high visitors to your profile. I recommended Hostinger Hosting and Domain because it gives amazing discounts and 24/7 customer support services.

Upwork cover letter sample:

Client requirement:

I need a video editor for the Cashcow YouTube channel. Please send your previous work. I need 5 videos per week with quality work. You have to provide me with the script, voiceover, video editing, and thumbnail, and also have to manage my YouTube channel every month.

Thanks in advance.

Upwork cover letter reply:

Hi Mr. Ahsan

Thank you for reading my response to your project. I have seen that you are looking for a cash cow YouTube video editor and YouTube channel manager. I am a Professional and Creative video editor and graphics designer with experience of more than 5 years. I am interested in working on your project as I have done similar projects for many companies and YouTube channels.

I will fulfill all your mentioned requirements and in addition to that, I will also provide you with FREE Editable Source Files, and other File Formats that you Demand. If you have any queries feel free to ask.

Let’s do Business together.

Previous work

  • your link
  • your link
  • your link

Sample: Put some samples in Google Drive and past link here



Muhammad Aslam

Above is the cover letter for the Upwork proposal for the video editors. You can generate or make a custom proposal using a new AI tool called CHAT GPT.

Samples and previous work should be given in your proposal otherwise there will be fewer chances to get the job. You can also upload files below the Upwork cover letter.

How to use CHAT GPT to write an Upwork proposal?

First, select your niche for example WordPress developer. The written question there for example “Writer best Upwork proposal for WordPress developer” You will get a proposal then re-edit it and fit your details in it. That’s all



I hope you will understand how to write the best cover letter for an Upwork proposal and how to professionally answer your clients’ requirements. If this blog and video help you I would like your feedback in the comment box. If you want to ask me any questions go to my Instagram link that is given on my YouTube channel. I reply to everyone as soon as possible.

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