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How To Recover Denied gig From Fiverr Complete Guide 2023


How To Recover Denied gig From Fiverr Complete Guide 2023

My Fiverr gig Is
denied. Why did this happen? I did nothing wrong. Why did Fiverr deny my gig? Can I
recover my Fiverr-denied gig?
There are a lot of questions about the Fiverr gig being denied and everyone wants its perfect solution. Fiverr is the number one marketplace for freelancers where freelancer earns dollars by selling their services.


In this article, I will
share a possible solution to recover denied gigs on Fiverr. In the previous
article, I shared how to recover your disabled Fiverr account and this is a similar question a lot of people ask me. So following are the reasons why Fiverr denied your Fiverr gig and disabled your account in some reasons.
Fiverr also deletes your Fiverr gig sometimes.


How To Recover
Denied Gig From Fiverr Complete Guide 2023


Following are some
reasons why for Fiverr gig was denied. So follow them to keep your Fiverr gigs in


Copy Past Gigs: Beginners don’t know
Fiverr terms and conditions and when they create their Fiver gigs, they copy the same
title, tags, and description of some other seller. Which is not allowed according
to Fiverr TOS and community guidelines. Sometimes Fiverr detects it automatically
and sometimes the same seller reports your gig. So according to my recommendation
don’t copy past text, just take ideas and create your own description.


Contact outside: Seller contacts buyer
Fiverr by sharing contact details on the Fiverr chat box. This is strictly against Fiverr’s
terms and conditions and community guidelines. So Fiverr denied your gig and
mostly they directly restrict your Fiverr account without any warnings.

Don’t become greedy,
buyers and sellers both want to save their tax fees so they try to contact outside Fiverr. Never and ever try to do this.
You can’t delete or unsent your sent message. The Fiverr system detects it

If someone sends
contact details then you have to immediately block that profile.


Gig Category: This can be your
reason for denying a Fiverr gig that you have not selected the correct gig category. Fiverr
will give you some chances to correct it but if you fail then your gig will be deleted or denied. You can select the correct category by checking the same profiles
related to your gig.


Terms & Conditions: If you have
violated Fiverr TOS then your gig can be denied or your account will be disabled and never recovered. Must read TOS before selling on Fiverr.



How Do I Recover A Denied
Gig On Fiverr In 2023?


The following are possible
solutions to get back denied gigs on Fiverr.


You can try some
methods to recover denied gigs. First, make sure why Fiverr denied your gig, you
can understand it from the sent email from Fiverr. Read it and understand why it
is denied. If you have any violation of Fiverr TOS then your Fiverr gig
will never recover but if that was done mistakenly by the Fiverr system then it
has a chance to get recovered.


Don’t write an emotional email to Fiverr, first, understand the issue and write professional and
brief emails with screenshots and send them. You will get back your gig hopefully.




Use your own samples
and keep checking your gig, always read new updates, and follow Fiverr’s official pages
to keep updated.

Sometimes Fiverr
mistakenly disabled or denied your gigs. At that time don’t get worried and write
emotional emails. First, understand the reason and then a good email. 99%
chance you will get back your gigs.



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then you can comment on us and follow me on Instagram
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Related questions.

How can I avoid
being banned on the Fiverr marketplace?

Fiverr is the number
one freelancing marketplace. They are very strict with their rules. If you follow their TOS and guidelines then you will
never get banned.


How do I make my gig
again active?

If your gig is denied
then contact Fiverr otherwise create a new gig.


Can I actively deny the Fiverr

If you violate Fiverr
TOS and guidelines then you will never get back your desired Fiverr gig if it
was a mistake by Fiverr then you can get It back hopefully.


How do I contact Fiverr

You can contact
Fiverr support by emailing support@fiverr. com


Can I get back my disabled Fiverr account?

Yes, you can get back
your Fiverr diable account only if you don’t violate any Fiverr policies.


Can I share contact
details on Fiverr?

Yes, you can share
contact details on Fiverr only if there are order requirements. Other wiser
Fiverr will disable your account.

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