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How To Become Successful Freelancer On Fiverr – A Simple Strategy 100% Works


How To Become Successful Freelancer On Fiverr - A Simple Strategy 100% Works

A few years ago I
started my career in the online field as a freelance on Fiverr. I started selling
different services like data entry, typing jobs, etc and I don’t want to learn
any skill. Due to a lack of knowledge and guides, I lost my multiple accounts
due to a violation of the Fiverr Term of Services TOS. After that, I started learning
skills which as video editing. I learned video editing and started selling services
on Fiverr. This time due to experience and confidence I got my first order
overnight. Now I am a successful freelancer on Fiverr and have a 
level 2 account.


In this article I’ll
share a 
simple strategy to become a successful freelancer on Fiverr. Everyone
wants to start a 
freelancing career and wants to be a successful freelancer so this time you are at the right place. Following are the ways you
have to follow and get your first order on Fiverr.


How To Become a Successful Freelancer On Fiverr:

Fiverr is freelancing marketing that stands in 5 positions in the world and millions of
sellers are earning millions of dollars daily. This platform became famous due
to cheap rates in the market which start from $5 only. If you want to be a
successful freelancer on Fiverr you have to follow the following tips.


Fiverr Profile:

We know the first
impression is the last impression so in Fiverr, the Fiverr profile is the first
impression to the buyers. You will start a successful freelancer journey from your Fiverr Profile. You have to create a professional Fiverr Profile. You can read my
previous blog on Fiverr profile completion.


Fiverr Profile Picture:

You have to use
professional Images, recommended to use your own picture with decent colors. It
must show your face clearly. A good image will make your profile professional and
can lead to a successful Fiverr freelancer.



You have to write a Fiverr profile description professionally. Write the point description and
also you can add your skills. It Is recommended to write your own description,
don’t copy and paste it.

  • Write your name.
  • Your experience.
  • Your skills
  • Why do people hire you?


Fiverr Profile other

There are some more
details you have to complete to look professional

  • Select languages
  • Add your skills
  • Add certificates
  • Links your social
    media accounts
  • Complete Languages
    and Skill Tests.




Fiverr Gig:

The Fiverr gig is the
second most important step that will lead to you successful freelancer on
Fiverr. You will create your Fiverr gig which means what you will sell on
Fiverr like video editing, Web development, etc

Following are things
which you have to create SEO friendly otherwise your gig will not show in
search results.


Gig Title:

The Fiverr gig title is
the most important part of the gig. Your gig will come into search due to the perfect gig title. Keep your Fiverr gig title short and to the point


Fiverr Gig image:

Make sure that the gig
image or video should be clear because it will show on your profile.

  • Use exact dimensions
  • Use of bold text
  • To the point detail
  • Don’t use copyrighted


Fiverr Gig

The Fiverr gig description
is part of the Fiverr gig in which you will write details about your gig, please
be to the point and concise. Add complete details about your service and no need
to add multiple gig services in one gig

  • Use your Fiverr gig
    title in the Fiverr gig description
  • Use related keywords
    in the description
  • Make SEO-friendly


When you will do the work of your client and after completion of your Fiverr order leave a message
to them that you are also available for more projects on a good budget and fast
delivery. Also, you will provide them extra things.

Note: If you have clients
outside Fiverr then ask them to place an order in Fiverr so your gig will rank and
you will enjoy it. Don’t worry about Fiverr fees.


Instant Reply:

Instant replies make a good impact on your profile and you will get 99 percent of changes to get the
job on Fiverr. When clients contact you then you have a short time to reply to them,
you can also use instant messages on Fiverr so buyers will not leave you.


Sell below value on

According to my
Fiverr freelancing successful journey I recommend you don’t sell your skill beyond
its value. Don’t sell your service at a very cheap price. It will lose your value
and you will face hard. At the start of your journey, you can sell your service
at cheap rates but if you want to successfully freelance on Fiverr don’t sell the service at a low rate after you get some reviews on your Fiverr gig.


Communication with

Communication is the
most important thing in the online field. Your success depends 90 percent on
communication skills. You have tricks to catch orders on a good budget and try to
get good long-term clients.

English is the most
important language so if you don’t know English you can use Google Translate
and make sure to write Grammarly correct sentences for that you can also use
Grammarly. Com


Pricing of your
Fiverr Gig:

Price attracts buyers
on your Fiverr profile so to become a successful freelancer always set a good
price and extra things to attract buyers. When someone contacts you then with your
communication skills you can get a good budget.


So above are the tips
you can follow for a freelancing career on Fiverr and other freelancing marketplaces.
I hope you will adopt these tips and become successful in freelancing.


If you have any then
comment to us and also share this
article with your friends on social media. You can also follow me on YouTube,
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Thank you for
reading, will meet again in the next blog.  



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Is Fiverr a good platform
for beginners in 2023?

Yes, it is a good
platform but due to saturation, it needs time to grow on Fiverr. My recommendation
is to start work on Fiverr.


How much I can earn
from Fiverr in 2023?

Your earnings depend
on your selling services, you can earn $ 100- $10000 monthly. You can also earn
more than a million.

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