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Fiverr prohibited services


Fiverr prohibited services
Fiverr prohibited services

prohibited services

I have
lost my more than 3 best Fiverr profiles due to a lack of knowledge and misleading
Fiverr Guides so I am sharing my experience and knowledge so no one can lose their
Fiverr profile.


is a platform where people are making millions of dollars but at the same time, multiple Fiverr Freelancers are facing account issues. Thousand of freelancers have lost their Ranked accounts due to small mistakes due to a lack of
Fiverr Terms of Conditions and guidelines.


is the best Freelancing platform for beginners where people can sell and buy
services for a minimum of $5 by show gigs. Fiverr wants its marketplace safe for
customers so they have strict rules. Every Fiverr Freelancer can create their
profile on Fiverr after Accepting TOS. 99% of beginners don’t read and follow
Fiverr’s Terms of Service and Guidelines due to which they lose their precious
accounts within seconds.


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The following are Fiverr-prohibited services on
which you can’t make Fiverr gigs:


The following are the Gigs details on which you can’t make Fiverr gigs because these are against
Fiverr TOS and guidelines.


You should communicate politely with buyers, you can’t abuse anyone. If anyone
abuses you or communicates with you rudely you can contact support.


The services which considered illegal can’t be sold on Fiverr. Some of the examples are given below.

  • Hacking
  • Violates
  • Privacy
  • Data
  • Cybercrime



Some examples of Adult content are given below.

  • Pornography
  • Adult
  • Audio recording
  • videos


Note: You can not use VPN services on Fiverr 


Some of the Fraudulent services are given below

  • Scams
  • Fraudulent



You can’t buy fake reviews on your profile. It may disable your account
permanently. You should keep in mind that the Fiverr system is very strong.



You can not copy the content of any other creator. Examples are given below

  • Copy
  • Copy
  • Copy
    Gig Description



Third-party Terms:

A number of sellers are offering services like YouTube monetization,
fake likes, and fake watch time on Fiverr. These types of services are not allowed
on Fiverr.

can’t sell Social media services such as fake followers etc.


Some more
gigs you can’t create on Fiverr otherwise you can lose your Fiverr account.

  • Assignment
    services such as homework, academic work
  • Editing
    of documents such as ID, Bills, passports, bank statements, DOB, Certificates, etc.
  • You can’t
    give legal advice or financial risk services without any certificate, for example, if you are not a Lawyer you can’t sell these services.
  • You can
    create fake NEWS
  • Fake
    views and traffic on your Profile
  • You can’t
    offer medical services on Fiverr


You can’t offer business outside Fiverr.


above are the Fiverr services you can offer on Fiverr. These are prohibited by the Fiverr Freelancing marketplace. If you are caught by the Fiverr system or if
someone reports you, you can lose your account and can’t recover it.

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