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Google sheet jobs in 2024


Google sheet jobs in 2023

Google sheet jobs

I am always searching for ways for myself
to make money online while sitting at home. It helps me stay motivated and
discover different ways since I don’t want to bore myself to death working one
way (haha). Anyways I will show you a way how you can make money using
Google Sheets. I will show each and every step of what you need to do, where
you need to do it and show how you can make money like the rest of the people
who have made money using this method. Of course, people keep these secrets to
themselves but hey I am here showing you different methods so you can go ahead
and see what you feel best for yourself.


Now each and every step is very important because you need to implement
them properly and by reading this tutorial you will gain a skill and a way of
making money using google sheets. Now for this, I will share the link as we go
plus what you will need to do and where you will need to do it to make that


First things first go to Google and Search for Nox influencer when you.
I believe the link is (
https://www.noxinfluencer.com/) but just in case go ahead and search for it. So what really is a Nox
influencer? How can you use it to make money and how will we use this to our
advantage? I am going to take you through the whole guide and then you will
know how. Nox influencer is an influencer marketing platform, that provides
full-life-cycle marketing software and services for both brands and


On the main page, you will see Lead Brand Growth and a search influencer
bar and they have three platforms which are Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram to
search for. Now if you check out the website you will see influencer
ranking and you will see YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitch Ranking. Click
on “Subscriber Rank” under YouTube Ranking. It will take you to the top 100 Most
Subscribed YouTubers. You will see the influencer ranking, hover over the drop
downs where the first one says others, here we have the country so you can choose
the country of your liking, I chose Pakistan. The second drop-down is Nox
Category where you can select the category you want, I chose Gaming and Action
Game. The third drop-down is YouTube Category where you will go and choose the
one you want… I chose the Gaming Category again.


After searching the said details, I got a list of 100 top gaming channels
that had been sorted by total number of subscribers. Next thing is we click
over one of the channels you will see the details such as followers and
engagement rate along with average view etc. You have so many details on the
page which you can use.


Next head over to Google and search for Google Docs, click and head over
to Google Docs, click on the three-dash button on the top left, and click on
Sheets. Click on the template gallery and you will see many pre-made templates.
Click on the Assignment tracker template. How to make the sheet, well change
the name from Assignment Tracker to Top Gaming Channels in Pakistan.


We will update the columns according to our use and we will write Channel
Name, Channel Link, Subscribers, Average Views, and Email. We will need to go to
Nox Influencer and click on the top channel of the Category, for me it was Star
Anonymous and once I click I see this channel has 2.5M subscribers with 290 M
views with 120 K Average Video views and it also gives us the information in
percentage in either green or red showing us either a rise or fall in the said
views or subscribers. And lastly the total videos on this page. We will copy
this date onto the sheet we created! Now where do we get the link and the
email, well on the same page you will see an icon of Youtube just under the
name, that is the Youtube link! Open the link onto another tab and copy that
onto your sheets. For the Email, just go to the YouTube page and you will see
the name, views, Home Tab, Videos Tab, Playlist Tab, etc. On these tabs, the
last one is “About” Click on that you and you will see they have given their
Email address usually “for business inquiry”. Copy this email and paste it on
the sheet!

We complete our sheet the way we want and once we have the information
required we can go to the top of our Google sheet and click on File, under
files you will have an option for Download and download as Microsoft Excel
(.xlsx). You can choose how you want to download it since sometimes the clients
need the sheet or need just the PDF, so however you want it just download it.


This begs the question what will we do with this sheet? Who are we
going to sell this information to? Now promotion companies need someone to
promote their stuff using either Instagram or Youtube channels to help
gain their market share and of course promote their product. This is where this
data comes in handy!

Now how to make money, First go to Fiverr and search for ‘influencer
marketing’, you will see not many people on this gig meaning that this is not
as saturated as the known markets such as Graphic Design or Web Development
are… Now we can go ahead and choose the person who seems to be either the most
successful or even someone who has moderate success and we can see that they
are charging at will and making tons of cash. You can go and check how well
they are managing just so you can get an idea for yourself


Now once you have done your research make an account for yourself on
Fiverr and go ahead and create a gig similar to this. I would suggest that you
use the gigs with success and stars. You can easily go ahead and write a gig with
their help of them and then wait for an order… Or use method # 2


So method #2 

is to go and see the Reviews given to the successful gigs.
This means you will need to go to the gig that has the most stars and reviews,
scroll down, and find the best review. This way you can copy their username and
paste it on Google, there’s a chance that they have a similar username
elsewhere or they have kept their usernames according to their company names. I
had a lot of success doing this and finding my work.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start this process…. Create
your success story and of course, if you can give me a shout-out as well and a lot
of people can create a success story with your help and my help. 

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