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The Best AI Note Taking Apps in 2024

Though it might not come for your job just yet, generative artificial intelligence (AI) is coming for your notes. Many of the greatest note-taking applications have been simplified over the past few years, resulting in a largely uniform appearance and functionality with minor variations in features and support. In this post, I will share with you the best AI note-taking apps in 2024

Making notes with AI makes sense. Let’s say you utilize your note-taking app to jot down ideas, gather and organize data, or make connections. ChatGPT and other generative AI chatbots can help you make the most of the information by summarizing, elaborating, finding relevant notes, and even identifying action items hidden within your text.

Best ai note taking apps:


Albus is a vibrant note-taking application that doesn’t rely on a blank note and has a unique interface. Rather, it provides an endless canvas on which you can create sticky notes using ChatGPT AI prompts for both text and images. It’s a great tool for brainstorming sessions where you need to be free.

Albus will automatically fill a box on the left side of the screen with suggested AI prompts when you first give your board a name.


Mem is an AI note-taking application made with teams in mind. AI is not included in the free version for personal use; to collaborate and use AI, you must purchase the paid version. It’s a helpful tool that teams can use to generate more content and ideas around a defined topic.

Mem performs some of the standard tasks associated with generative AI, such as creating article outlines and drafts and assisting with idea generation through prompts. However, suggestions are where it truly shines. The best results come from adding all of your team members and documents to your account (you can import text files and notes from Notion).


The well-known note-taking app AI tools are now directly integrated into Notion. It’s among the best note-taking apps I’ve seen that incorporate AI for writing. (As of this writing, PCMag is updating its review by retesting Notion.)

Two areas in which Notion AI shines are text generation from your prompts and action automation based on the text you choose. You can either highlight any text in a Notion note and search for the Ask AI option that appears above, or you can type “/ai” to use the AI.

Personal AI:

Examine It Imagine being able to develop your AI model. Maybe based on all of your recollections, all of your class notes and textbooks that you’ve read, or information from a significant project? Your AI can assist you in doing that.

Beginning as a nearly blank infant AI model, it learns and develops within the constraints of the data you give it as you feed it text or documents. After that, it functions similarly to a customized ChatGPT tool, allowing you to ask it questions based on the information you’ve provided. The AI will even make recommendations for you at that point.


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