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Top 5 Money Earning Apps that Make You the Most Money 2024

We want to make money sitting at home using apps online on our phones well I have here the Top 5 Money Earning Apps that make you the most money. Some of these apps make money through surveys, some give you little tasks that you can do at home and some even give you Cashback as well. So here is the list

Top 5 Money-Earning Apps


Money Earning Apps

This app lets you do different and multiple tasks such as playing quizzes, solving riddles, and more. You can even switch open news and other promotional ads to earn more credits! YOUR OPINION MATTERS is the motto of this app and you can share your beliefs, earn by sharing receipts, even earn by shopping online, and apart from this you can even get bonuses and offers on this app. It has grabbed the attention very recently of many people who desire to make money using their phones in their free time, and what is fun is it does not get boring at all


Money Earning Apps

One of the favorite apps for many since this is an app that gives you cash back for what you’re going to buy as long as you do it through their app! So they share the commission with you which is given to them by the stores for sending customers to the stores (You being the customer too). People have reportedly earned 250$ easily through this app. I can go far as to say, if you have either your mother or sister or even your wife who loves shopping well get her on this app and let her shop from this app so you can earn the cashback

Pocket Money

Money Earning Apps

This app locates money-making opportunities around you by doing different tasks viewing videos and even playing games. It is an excellent app to make money as many people reported that they paid bills or as little as movie tickets. It was one of the top money-earning apps in 2014.

Dosh App

Another app that gives you cashback but I would go far as to say that this app is also your passive income! What the dosh app does is link your credit and debit cards to get cash back when you shop, eat, travel, and more after participating in local or known international merchants. It is great because you want to go out with your wife or your friends for dinner and you swipe your card you realize the amount you paid gave you a little cashback, who wouldn’t love that right (I definitely would want that to happen). So go ahead and download this app and make the most of the cashback, I mean after the rising inflation in today’s day and age, this would just be an icing over the “Savings Cake”

Money Earning Apps


The name says it, this is an app that gives you different tasks to make money using your mobile devices. You earn coins by participating in different quizzes and games. You can collect coins and exchange them for some currency for your use. With simple tasks, and competitions you can make coins and even get a recharge for your mobile number! By recommending this app you can earn money as well, so share it with your friends!

Money Earning Apps

This article is fruitful for people searching for money-making apps! Doing simple steps, like searching for the app on the app store downloading it onto your smartphone, and then using the app to either earn money or receive cashback is a sight for sore eyes. So what are you waiting for, start downloading and start earning!

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