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How To know if A Photo Is Photoshopped

The Internet is an amazing place because there are tons and tons of different sites available for so many different things. There are several websites and tools available that analyze and determine if an image has been photoshopped or manipulated. However, let me be honest about one thing no tool can provide a foolproof and definitive assessment of image manipulation since future technologies are becoming very aware of how to manipulate photos in a way that can make it hard to assess if they have been manipulated or not.

How to Know if A Photo Is Photoshopped:

Some of these websites are known to offer image analysis to check if they have been manipulated or photoshopped, these are as follows:

FotoForensics: This website provides an analysis of an image’s data and uses compression to identify potential alterations if there are any. However, the results may not be one hundred percent accurate because they are not fool-proof. On this website, Basic image analysis is available for free.

How To Tell If a Photo is Photoshopped

Forensically: Forensically offers many tools that analyze images, which include clone detection, error level analysis, and much more. Though these tools are not 100% accurate so there may be a possibility it can give inaccurate results. It is free to use so you can easily upload an image and get a result.

Fake Image Detector: This tool is a powerful tool for detecting manipulated images which uses advanced techniques like Metadata Analysis and Error Level Analysis. It analyzes images for potential manipulation based on a mathematical algorithm. However, its accuracy can vary depending upon an image, if done well. It is free to use as well, though free variants will not give you a 100% accurate result

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How to tell if a photo has been photoshopped

Online EXIF Viewer: This site focuses on identifying duplicated and manipulated regions within an image using EXIF data or Exchangeable Image Fil Data. It is free to use and helps detect images if they are photoshopped. But as per my early deductions, it is not 100% foolproof since the EXIF data tells you an image was modified because the DateTime and DateTimeOriginal are different, meaning the photo was at some point modified. But if this data was changed or somehow modified then it may not give out an accurate result. It is free to use, where you can simply upload a photo and it will give out a result.

How can you tell if a photo has been photoshopped?

Image Edited?: This website offers an analysis that gives you an estimate of the likelihood that an image has been altered. This also checks the EXIF data to find out if the image has been modified or not.

Though there are various ways you can also check on your own if the image has been altered or modified i.e. if it has been photoshopped (made in Photoshop). But we will have an article to discuss that in detail. For now, I have shown websites you can use for free to check for such images online. Though not everything on this website is free, some demand money to check the image extensively

Remember that these tools should be used cautiously and their results should not be considered as definitive proof. If you’re dealing with some serious matters such as legal disputes, I would recommend you to go and consult a professional in the field of digital forensics. Additionally, the landscape of technology and image manipulation tools has evolved to a point where simple and easy detection tools might not get you the results that prove that an image is altered or modified. Always make sure to verify the credibility of any tool or website before relying entirely on the websites that I have mentioned here.

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