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How To Find Monitor Size

The sizes of desktop computer monitors range from 13 to 43 inches. With screens as large as 55 inches, some users might use their TVs as monitors. Generally, laptop screens measure ranging between 11.6 and 17 inches. Today in this post I will teach you how to find monitor size. (Buy The Monitor in cheap prize AMAZON.com)

How to Measure Screen Size

Examining the monitor’s specifications sheet is probably the most dependable and fastest method of finding out the screen size of the device. You can look up the model name online or in the box it came in.

If that isn’t an option, a standard tape measure will work just fine for measuring it. Metal can easily leave deep scratches and marks on the plastic display cover, so I highly advise using a body measuring tape made of cloth with no metal bits on it. A plastic ruler might also work, but it can also leave scratches, and you probably don’t have one long enough to measure the entire screen at once.

How To Find Monitor Size

Checking Your Monitor Size on Windows

  • Right-click on the desktop to open the context menu and select “Display settings”. The
  • Display Settings page will then appear.
  • Scroll down to “Scale and layout” and select “Advanced scaling settings”.
  • Select “Advanced sizing of text and other items” from the Advanced scaling settings page.
  • This will cause the “Screen Resolution” settings in the Control Panel to open. This page displays a diagram of the monitor or monitors you have, along with a list of their resolutions.
  • You must look up your screen’s diagonal measurement to determine your monitor’s size. Usually, this is stated in inches, like “24 inches” or “27 inches.” It might be found in the monitor’s specifications or in the documentation accompanying your computer.
  • If the diagonal measurement is not displayed, you can compute it on your own by utilizing the aspect ratio and resolution of your monitor. Use the following formula to accomplish this:
  • Diagonal screen size = √(height2 + width2)

How to Use a Measuring Tape to Determine Monitor Size 

The screen sizes of laptops and desktop computers differ. It is just as important to productivity as screen resolution. The monitor size will be mentioned in the laptop or computer manual. It is occasionally displayed by the manufacturer as a sticker on the product.

If you are unable to find it, you can use a measuring tape to determine the size. You can simply take measuring tape. First, make sure that the measuring tape you are using has enough length. Draw a line starting from the upper left corner and extending it diagonally to the lower right corner.

  • Pull it straight to the bottom left corner if you begin in the top-right corner.
  • Don’t measure the bezel or the surrounds of the screen just the screen itself.
  • The screen size is the diagonal measurement.

Using measuring to measure the size is a simple and short method.


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