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How to Change Username on Fiverr 2024

In today’s online age, online freelancing platforms like Fiverr offer opportunities for freelancers and businesses to connect for work. Sometimes users may need to change their usernames for various reasons. If you’re wondering how to change your username on Fiverr 2024, Here I will guide you in detail.

Log in to Your Fiverr Account to Change Username on Fiverr

Login to your fiverr account with your credentials. This is the first step to making any changes to your fiverr profile.

Profile Settings

Go to your fiverr profile setting by clicking on your profile picture or name. click on the setting option to change the user name of the fiverr account.

Account Settings

Click on the  “Account Settings” tab. Click on it to access options related to your account to change username.

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“Account deactivation”

There is a tab named Account Deactivation. Choose a reason “I want to change username” and then click on the deactivation button.

You will get an Account deactivation email from fiverr. Then contact customer support at the same time and write that you want to reactivate your fiverr account. It is now your luck that fiverr will reactivate your account and allow you to change your user name or not. According to my recommendation if your account is new with zero reviews on it then try these steps and if your account has a good level and has good reviews then don’t take this risk.

After you get a chance to change the user name then follow the following steps.

How to Change Username on Fiverr 2024
How to Change Username on Fiverr 2024 WATCH VIDEO

Enter Your New Username

Add new new username you wish to use for your fiverr profile.

By above straightforward steps, you can easily change your username on Fiverr and maintain a profile that reflects your professional identity. Whether you’re rebranding or simply updating your username, Fiverr makes the process smooth and hassle-free.


Can I change my fiverr username?

No, you can’t change my fiverr username.

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