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Fiverr Extension

Fiverr Chrome Extension

Fiverr is a Freelancing platform that connects freelancers with clients seeking various services. It offers a wide range of categories, including graphic design, programming, and writing marketing. Freelancers create profiles, set their prices (starting at $5, hence the name), and showcase their skills and expertise. Clients can browse through the available freelancers, hire them for projects, and pay for services rendered. Fiverr gives a helpful and smoothed-out commercial center for the two consultants and clients to interface and team up on different ventures, making it a famous stage for internet outsourcing.

Best 5 Fiverr Extension

Now we require some of these extensions to give us an advantage on Fiverr. In this blog, I will show you fiverr extensions what these extensions are how they will help us plus why we should use them.

Fiverr Quick View Extension:

This helps you see stats. Stats of what you may ask, for this you will need to go on a test drive. Now for the test drive first install the extension then enable all on your extension, Once you have enabled everything just go ahead and search for a gig and you will see a “quick view” of the gigs. Why is it useful? Consider it a sort of SEO on your own, you would know what you need to write and what needs to be selected to get into the top shelf of the “Gigsters” (lol)


It is nearly the same as number 2 in our list called Smart Fiverr, but this extension helps to gain information about the buyers who are requesting your services. Plus you can view your buyer’s information but clicking the username. Why is this important, well if you want to contact a buyer on your own this here would help you get into access quicker and help you gain more buyers quickly.

Smart Fiverr:

This is something I would call a much-needed extension on Chrome. This will show you as always online on Fiverr which is helpful since the clients will see your availability and will try and get in touch with you soon. Secondly, this has an Auto Responder which sends in your response if a client sends you a message. Thirdly it has a Buyer request notification which is related to Buyers’ Notification Plus there is also a Fiverr Notification that will show any notification that you receive on your Fiverr account. Lastly, it has a Money Calculator, which helps you to know how much you will receive in your account. All you have to do is install this and then activate it to use its features.

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UnOfficial Fiverr Notification:

This is very helpful since it gives you notifications, especially for sellers who are beyond the Level 2 mark. What you will need to do is paste your username and enter the Refresh Time and Minimum offers. I put 2 mins in my refresh time and 1 min offers. Now whenever you have a notification or an offer this extension will notify you ASAP!

Fivdata Extension – Freelancer Assistant:

This is useful though it is the same as the previous couple I have mentioned but this helps you hide “My Balance” just so you can get buyers to see your profile and skills rather than rating you from how your profile gets its money or rating.


Now these 5 extensions are not only helpful to your Fiverr needs, but they also give you complete control over how you can jump into the top sellers like a cheat code. It’s not like you are cheating or anything, rather it helps you connect with organic buyers who need you for your skill. Say it is a personal SEO technique for your very own use.

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Here are a few others that you can look into as well

Firstly, the Fiverr Seller Assistant extension provides valuable insights and analytics, helping you track your gig performance, respond to messages promptly, and manage orders effectively. Secondly, the Grammarly extension ensures that your gig descriptions, communication with clients, and delivered work are error-free and professional.

Thirdly, the Fiverr Revenue Analytics extension offers in-depth financial data and analytics, enabling you to monitor your earnings, track expenses, and optimize your pricing strategy. Additionally, the Time Tracker extension assists in managing your time efficiently, setting reminders, and staying focused on your tasks.

Lastly, the LastPass extension enhances your online security by securely storing and auto-filling passwords, allowing you to access Fiverr and other platforms seamlessly while keeping your accounts protected.

By incorporating these essential Chrome extensions into your Fiverr workflow, you’ll be equipped with the tools necessary to optimize your performance, attract clients, deliver exceptional work, and ultimately succeed in the competitive world of online freelancing


when it comes to maximizing your productivity and success on Fiverr, having the right Google Chrome extensions can make a significant difference. These five must-have extensions for Fiverr users can streamline your workflow, enhance communication, and boost your overall efficiency.

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