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Does Fiverr Take a Cut? Understanding Fiverr Fees structure 2024

In the freelancing world, Freelancing Marketplaces like Fiverr have transformed how services are bought and sold online. But with this benefit comes the question: does Fiverr take a cut of your order earnings? What is the fiverr fee structure? In this article, we will understand the fee structure associated with using the Fiverr freelancing platform.

How Fiverr Marketplace Works

Fiverr operates as a middleman or third person between freelancers and clients. Sellers offer their services on fiverr, known as “Gigs,” on the platform, and buyers can browse and purchase these services which they want. Fiverr makes possible the transactions and ensures both parties fulfill their commitment.

Does Fiverr Take a Cut
Does Fiverr Take a Cut

Fiverr’s Fee Structure

Yes, Fiverr does take a cut of your earnings, but the amount varies depending on several factors. Following are the facts on which fiverr takes a cut.

Service Fee

Fiverr imposes sellers a service fee for using its platform. This fee is typically 20% of the total transaction amount of the order.

Processing Fee

There may be processing fees associated with receiving payments. These fees vary construct on the payment method chosen by the seller.

Tax services on fiverr

Fiverr also charges some taxes like VAT etc which depends on country to country.

Transaction Fees

If you are from a country that has a different currency from the dollar then you will be charged some extra charges by fiverr. Which is called the exchange rate.

Does Fiverr Take a Cut

Global Marketplace ( FIVERR)

Fiverr links sellers with millions of potential buyers worldwide with Freelancers, expanding their reach.

Fiverr Security

Fiverr controls payment processing, and dispute resolution, and provides a platform for communication, offering peace of mind to both seller and buyer.


Yes, Fiverr does take a cut of your order earnings but it’s a small price to pay for the benefits it offers to clients and sellers. By understanding Fiverr’s fee structure and the value it provides, freelancers can make informed decisions and maximize their earnings on the platform. Remember, while fees are unavoidable, the opportunities Fiverr presents can far outweigh the costs.


How much does Fiverr take from sellers in 2024?

Fiverr takes 20% off each order. If you get a 100$ order then Fiverr will take 20$ from you.

Does Fiverr take a cut of tips?

Yes. Does Fiverr take a cut of tips which is 20%? Also, the client will pay Services fee, Tax, etc

How much does Fiverr take from buyers?

5% fee Fiverr takes from buyers on each order.

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