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Best AI websites for students in 2024

AI tools for students are becoming essential, as they can be used to improve writing nuances and harness the power of artificial intelligence. Today in this post I will tell you about the best AI websites for students in 2024

Best AI websites for students

Numerous of these innovative AI writing tools aren’t just for the wealthy. They are also easily available at reasonable prices, which makes them a great resource for individuals and nonprofits on a tight budget.

top ai websites for students

Top AI websites for students


QuillBot is a well-known tool for improving students’ writing and research skills. Because of its incredible paraphrasing and summarizing abilities. The AI features include a grammar checker that finds and fixes mistakes. Quillbot is mostly used for paraphrasing. This tool is mostly used by content writers and students for assignments works.

For students, QuillBot is particularly useful because of its plagiarism checker. This program looks for plagiarism in text and highlights any possible red flags.


Owlfit, formerly known as Explain Like I’m Five (ELI5), is a platform that makes difficult ideas and concepts understandable to even young children. It makes use of AI to simplify complex topics into easily understood explanations that accommodate a variety of learning preferences. Its user-friendly interface and interactive elements enable users to quickly investigate and comprehend a variety of topics, improving everyone’s educational experiences.


Grammarly is a writing assistant that improves written communication through artificial intelligence. Grammarly does grammatical problems accurately. Make your content 100% grammatically correct and easy to understand. It’s a useful resource for teachers and learners alike.

It can be used by educators to make sure all of their assignments, lectures, and feedback are precise, succinct, and free of errors. Its real-time feedback on punctuation, grammar, and spelling is beneficial to students. As the tool perfects their writing mechanics, they are free to concentrate on refining their ideas and arguments.


Gradescope is a cutting-edge web tool that revolutionizes the way teachers evaluate students’ work. It provides insightful information about learning while streamlining the entire grading process. Additionally, the program makes grading quicker, more accurate, and more consistent by utilizing AI’s capabilities. With the help of this intuitive platform, teachers can devote more of their time to giving students tailored feedback and helping them grasp the subject matter, rather than spending it on administrative duties.


Fireflies.ai is an innovative platform. AI uses artificial intelligence (AI) to transcribe, summarize, and analyze recorded conversations. This AI assistant is ideal for recording lectures, class discussions, and group projects. It ensures that every detail of the lesson is retained by integrating effortlessly with widely used video conferencing tools in online learning environments.

This tool uses AI capabilities to highlight key takeaways, action items, and significant concepts discussed during the class, going beyond simple audio recording and transcription.

For educators, Fireflies.ai’s AI-powered summarizing tool is a noteworthy feature. This function automatically creates succinct lecture summaries that emphasize the key ideas and lessons learned. Students who might have missed a class or who want to review particular subjects for more clarity will particularly benefit from this.

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