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Which is Better Hybrid or Electric Car

The world is ever evolving with technology and Automotive technology is not far behind. Cars have come from a history of more than 100 years and in those 100 years, cars started from being fully mechanical to now fully electric. It has not stopped here as the Engineers are doing their level best to make sure they are rising up to future standards.

Cars have now gone from Mechanical to Hybrid and now to fully electric cars. But what is a Hybrid and how does a fully electric car work? What are the pros and cons of keeping them? Well in this article we will dive in, not too deep though but just enough to swim in the shallow waters as we learn to swim into this amazing world of automotive tech.

What is a hybrid? which is better EV or hybrid?

Hybrid cars use a combination of a traditional internal combustion engine and an electric motor to drive the vehicle. They can switch between the two power sources or use them together, which allows for improved fuel efficiency compared to traditional gasoline cars. Sharing power helps achieve better fuel consumption and allows for a much longer life span of both engines, in turn saving costs not only short term but also long term.

Whereas, what are electric cars? which is better hybrid or electric?

Unlike the hybrid… Fully electric cars, on the other hand, are powered solely by electricity stored in batteries. They do not have an internal combustion engine and produce zero emissions from the tailpipe. Electric cars need to be charged regularly, and their range is limited by the capacity of the batteries. Think of it like your laptop, you can use it as it is charged but needs to be plugged in once the battery is low!

So what is the difference between them?

Well, the main difference is that hybrid cars use both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, while fully electric cars rely solely on electric power. Hybrid cars offer improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions compared to traditional cars, while electric cars offer zero emissions and lower operating costs. Though this story between the Hybrid and the electric cars does not end here… Let’s dive in to see what the pros and cons are of both the cars

Hybrid or Electric Car

Let’s start with the Hybrids and see what sort of advantages we get as we use them.

Hybrid Cars

  • Pros:
    • Gas stations are everywhere: You don’t need to worry about finding charging stations for long trips. So jump in your car and relax as you get more Miles per Gallon plus power
    • Generally lower upfront cost: Hybrids tend to be cheaper than electric vehicles because they have the best of both worlds and they are readily available in the market
    • Good gas mileage: Hybrids combine an electric motor with a gas engine for better fuel efficiency than traditional gasoline cars, which is great considering the ever-rising gas prices!
    • Less maintenance: Hybrid batteries are constantly charged by the gas engine, reducing wear and tear. This is great for the long term because it reduces costs in the longer run
  • Cons:
    • Still uses gasoline: Not as eco-friendly as electric vehicles, produces tailpipe emissions. I mean if I were a science teacher I’d tell my students that these cars are still producing those greenhouse gases
    • Less powerful acceleration: Electric motors provide instant torque, which hybrids lack… How you may ask? Well honestly their engines need time to get up to speed
    • Regular maintenance: Oil changes and engine upkeep are still required. Though they can manage longer trips and higher miles per gallon those oil changes still need to be kept in mind

Fully Electric Cars (EVs)

  • Pros:
    • Zero tailpipe emissions: Best for the environment, doesn’t contribute to air pollution. So helps create an eco-friendly drive every day
    • Lower running costs: Electricity is generally cheaper than gasoline. But then again it isn’t in some places in the world
    • Powerful and smooth acceleration: Electric motors deliver instant torque for a quicker and smoother ride. We all know electricity is faster than gas lol
    • Tax credits and incentives: Many governments offer tax breaks and incentives for purchasing EVs. It is a global thing now, where you can get away with taxes on your ride for purchasing an EV
  • Cons:
    • Limited range: You need to plan trips around charging stations, which can be sparse in some areas. I mean it does need fuel and you need to charge it and there aren’t many gas stations
    • Longer charging times: Charging an EV at home takes longer than refilling a gas tank. They are trying to make charging stations better plus find quick charge solutions in cars, but till then we have to wait
    • Higher upfront cost: EVs tend to be more expensive than hybrids… Way more expensive I would say!
    • Battery degradation: EV batteries lose capacity over time, reducing range. Just like my iPhone as it is charged every day…
In summary
  • Get a hybrid if: You prioritize the affordability, and convenience of gas stations, and don’t mind the environmental impact as much.
  • Get an EV if: You prioritize environmental friendliness, enjoy a powerful ride, and have access to charging infrastructure for your typical driving needs.
  • Globally, Fossil Fuels are major contributors to the creation of electricity so it does not make sense to head out to charge it at home since you’re still using Oil for your cars (indirectly)
  • The roaring sounds of cars are certainly more fun than the silent EVs that generally make driving a car boring.
  • Hybrid allows you to get the best of both worlds!
  • If you have solar panels at home and you generate your own electricity well go on ahead and enjoy the free fuel while using EVs
  • The majority of car manufacturers are making Hybrids alongside a few EVs so they can enjoy the market share of both worlds.

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