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How To Make Money With Adsterra 2023

How to make money with

How to make money with Adsterra

What is Adsterra?

This is a platform that
facilitates buying and selling of Digital Advertising Space by connecting with
publishers or website owners or even app developers who have space available
for monetization with advertisers who want to display their ads. 

Adsterra offers various ad
formats which include display banners, pop-unders, direct links, push
notifications, and much more. 

How to earn money from

There are numerous ways to
can earn money from Adsterra and in this article, we discuss those ways in which you
can make money.


As a publisher, you earn money by displaying ads provided
on your website, blog, or mobile app. These are the following steps that you
will need to take:

a. Join Adsterra: Sign up as a publisher on the Adsterra
website. Here you will need to provide information about your website or app
that you created along with its content and show your traffic demographics.


b. Get Approved: Adsterra will review your application to
ensure it is according to their requirements. Once you are approved, you will
be able to access the ad codes that need to be placed on your website or app.


c. Place Ad Codes: Put these ad codes into your website or
app. Adsterra has various ad formats, so you can choose the best ones that suit
your design and audience preferences.


d. Earn Revenue: When users or visitors visit either your
website or use your app and then view or click on the displayed ads, you earn
money. The earnings are typically based on factors like ad format,
click-through rate (CTR), the origin of traffic, and the quality of your


e. Payment: Adsterra usually has payment thresholds meaning
once you reach the minimum payout limit you can request to get paid and there
are different ways you can get paid such as PayPal, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, etc.


As an advertiser, you promote products, services, or offers
by displaying ads on websites or apps of Adsterra s publishers.
If you want to join Adsterra as an Advertiser, these are the steps you will
need to take:


a. Join Adsterra as an Advertiser: Sign up as an advertiser
on the Adsterra website and create an advertising account.

b. Set-Up Campaign: Create your ad campaign by setting your
budget, choosing your target audience, selecting the ad formats, and defining
other campaign parameters.


c. Upload Creatives: Design and upload the creative assets
for your ads, such as banners or landing pages.


d. Launch Campaign: Once your campaign is set up and
approved by Adsterra, it will be launched, and your ads will start displaying
on the chosen publisher websites or apps.


e. Monitor and Optimize: Track the performance of your
campaign using Adsterra’s reporting and analytics tools. Optimize your campaign
based on the data to achieve better results and maximize your return on
investment (ROI).



By referring new publishers to the Adsterra network you can
earn 5% of the ad revenue for a lifetime. The more you refer to, the more
income you can generate. This is the easiest way of getting passive


How to earn from Adsterra? You can do this by going to the
Referrals page on Adsterra and Generating a unique link when you recommend
Adsterra! Whenever someone signs up to Adsterra via your link and starts
monetizing, you’ll get paid a 5%


Whether you choose to work either as a publisher or as an
advertiser on Adsterra, your success will often depend on different factors
like the quality of your website or app, the relevance of the ads to your
audience, the effectiveness of your advertising strategy, and ongoing
optimization efforts.

 I recommend you try Adsterra since it
has been a great experience for many people in my circle! 

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